Fire and Burn Prevention for Seniors

As another group at high risk for fire and burn injury, senior adults represent a important focus of the Burn Foundation's prevention efforts.

Some of the reasons seniors are more vulnerable to fire and burn injury are:

  • Seniors try to fight fires rather than escape them.
  • Seniors have thinner, more delicate skin than non-senior adults.
  • They may not keep home escape routes clear.
  • They return to an active fire to collect valuables.
  • They may not keep smoke detectors in working order.
  • Unattended cooking.
  • Careless smoking (especially around oxygen).
  • Improper first aid.

Two types of trainings are available:

1)  Direct burn safety presentations to senior facilities and community groups

2)  Train-the-trainer sessions about delivering prevention programs to seniors for fire department personnel and prevention staff

Our program includes a 20 minute video which demonstrates prevention tips that seniors can use in their home to make sure that they are protected against burn injury and fires.  Participants are encouraged to engage in discussion, view the video, and then review these safety tips by playing Burn Foundation BINGO!  Everyone wins a prize and receives information that summarizes many of these safety tips.  It's FUN and INFORMATIVE!!

Some of the topics include:

  • Keeping burn and fire safe when cooking
  • What to do if your clothes catch fire
  • Basic Burn First Aid
  • Minimizing the risk of fire or burns from smoking
  • Emergency escape planning
  • Putting out grease fires

More information:

  • Read a 2-sided brochure with information about staying burn and fire safe.  Thinner skin makes older adults vulnerable to serious injury from a scald.
  • Read a handout that explains the danger of scald burns to seniors

Thank you to some of our past and present senior program supporters:

The Sunoco Foundation

State Farm Insurance

Greentree Community Health Foundation

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging Prime Time Health

Jewish Community Foundation


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Fire and Burn Prevention for Seniors

The Burn Foundation continues to present an exciting prevention program for senior adults.  The program uses an entertaining DVD and bingo game to teach seniors about safe cooking practices, burn first aid, smoking safety, scald prevention, and other aspects of home fire safety.  Thousands of seniors across the region have participated -  with very positive outcomes.  If you are interested in supporting, volunteering, or learning more about the Senior Program, call (215) 545-3816.

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